Precious metals analysis newsletter

Precious metals analysis newsletter

Curvecurvecurvecurve, a self stabilizing currency exchange platform, aims to create a deeper level of liquidity on the blockchain using advanced glue curves. It is currently in the testing stage. It is the fund pool of Ethereum transactions, aiming to achieve highly efficient stable currency transactions, and provide low-risk supplementary fee income for liquidity providers without opportunity cost. Curve allows users to trade between Dai and usdc with low delay and low cost algorithm specially designed for stable currency. In the back office, the liquidity pool is provided to the compound agreement to generate revenue for the liquidity provider. Three hours after curvecurvecurvedaocurve view more (CRV) online HBTC / wbtc fund pool, the total lock up has exceeded $6 million. Users can exchange bitcoin anchor currency HBTC and wbtc on curve platform. HBTC was launched by global statiPrecious metals analysis newsletteron in February this year. It is a bitcoin token of blockchain. HBTC complies with the 1:1 collateral asset. Users can obtain HBTC at firecoin global station, firecoin Korea, bitpie and MyKey.

okex chooses to open full link solutions to high-quality teams, which is undoubtedly an industry gospel. This disruptive innovation is equivalent to providing a high-quality infrastructure for the entrepreneurial team, allowing the team to focus more resources on project and product development. Okexokcoinokb xuxingokt oklinkokt oklinkokt oklinkoktonokokoktankmining pool okokokchain okexchain okexdexokex trading chain okokexchain view more synthetic asset agreement umaumaumaumauma is a protocol that provides trust free financial contracts and prediction machines. Third party liquidity providers and exchanges can provide innovative financial products to global users by using UMA protocol.

At 8:00 on September 7, the chainext100 index, which reflects the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, rose 2.53% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of US $87.478 billion, a decrease of 17.90% compared with the previous 24 hours. 95 tokens in the index rose and 5 fell. The chainext5 index, which reflects the performance of large blue chip cryptocurrencies, rose 1.78% in the past 24 hours to 846.25, with a turnover of $70.110 billion The turnover decreased by 17.17% compared with the previous 24 hours; the bitcoin bubble index (BBI index) reported 72.63 points, rising 0.54% over the past 24 hours; the USDT off the field discount index (USDTOTCIndex) reported 101.19 points, and 0.22% in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, all currencies basically maintained a stable and excessive form, and the defi currency was active again. However, a variety of fund rates and contract basis still show that the market is still bearish. The last round of bull market has ended, and the suitable operation is short-term quick speculation or bargain hunting.

The defi loan agreement wepiggy ended the online public vote on wip1 proposal, and qusd, husd and uni obtained the final qualification for coin loading. The wepiggy core development team said that the deployment of the above three ore pools has been completed. According to the timelock rule, the new mine pool will be officially launched on December 3. Link news note: wepiggy is a digital currency lending agreement, the goal is to become the best bank, and is also the first project of yfii community VC strategy incubation. Wepiggy proposed a simple and practical governance framework, in order to reduce the threshold for users to use the defi protocol, and optimize the execution efficiency and gas cost of intelligent contracts.

Alphalending is the first product of the project. Alpha token is the native functional token of the platform. Users can mortgage the token to obtain the platform's running share, while the mortgaged alpha token will be used to pay the contract bad debt. Alpha tokens can also be used for liquidity mining awards and governance voting.

Curvefinance, a stable currency exchange platform, tweeted that the community had launched an implementation proposal and planned to start Precious metals analysis newsletterattributing the community fund to the grant Council Dao multi signature address. Officials said that after the proposal was passed,

The launch time of the stable coin USDX coinage award scheme will be postponed to July 1. Kava said the delay was due to the fact that in the process of creating the kava stabilization Committee, kavalabs neglected to delegate one of the parameters that control the BNB user to receive the USDX coin award, so that the stability Committee was unable to quickly vote on the coin award scheme. At present, the parameter still needs to open the reward through the on chain governance process, which takes about 2 weeks. Kava also said that in the first two hours after the kava-3 upgrade, some technical users using the CLI reached the system's debt limit of USDX. At present, kavacdp system has been mortgaged over 40000 BNB and cast over 150000 USDX.

They will also work together to develop and build a proof of concept (POC) for identity solutions, which aims to provide users with a license free KYC product that allows users to prove that they are trustworthy. As the first party Oracle, airnode is the key to prevent the third party Oracle from accessing data.

It will be displayed at blockchain week in Berlin. AAVE proposed a new lending model through the lending pool, which evolved from point-to-point order matching to a lending pool based approach. The lender will become the provider of liquidity and receive passive income without monitoring and clearing repayment; the borrower can deposit multiple collateral into the agreement and obtain funds immediately without waiting. At the same time, the lending pool uses Oracle with market price to provide fixed loan interest rate benchmark. Oracle will obtain the borrowing interest rate of multiple lending platforms and generate average interest rate as the benchmark. Under the condition of sufficient liquidity, the lending pool will allow users to freely switch between fixed interest rate and floating interest rate mode. In case of insufficient liquidity, the lending pool will allow the agreement to automatically switch to the latest available fixed rate and inform the user. According to, AAVE is a developer developing applications on Ethereum. Its main product is ethland, a lending market backed by cryptocurrency. #DeFiwithChainNews#

Currency Security announced that it will be launched at 17:00 on September 9. Umaumaumaumauma is a protocol that provides trust free financial contracts and Oracle machines. Third party liquidity providers and exchanges can provide innovative financial products to global users by using UMA protocol. UMA consists of automatic financial contract specification and Oracle, which is used to evaluate and guarantee the honesty and credibility of these contracts. Originated from the concept of traditional financial derivatives, UMA is used to create and validate financial contracts without trust, allowing anyone anywhere to design and build universally available financial products. UMA allows risk transfer without centralized authorization or single point of failure. UMA aims to support financial innovation provided by the public chain. It defines an open source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts. However, unlike traditional derivatives, UMA contracts are only guaranteed by economic incentives, which makes them self executing and generally accessible. UMA's risklabs received $4 million in seed round investment in 2018. The company is led by the placeholder, with partners including Bain Capital, coinbase ventures, dragonfly capital, blockchain capital, fintech collective, the box group and twosigma ventures. UMA view more, open MA / BTC, UMA / usdt transaction pairs.

Dydx, the margin trading platform on Ethereum, annPrecious metals analysis newsletterounced its official launch and was open to the public. Meanwhile, the code of dydx protocol was opened on GitHub. The trading platform can support margin trading with up to 4 times leverage and realize the borrowing and lending function of token assets. Users can also use the platform to manage the portfolio and position of token assets. In October last year, dydx completed a round of financing of US $10 million, led by a16z and polychain capital, followed by craft ventures, Bain venture capital, dragonfly capital, vy capital, abstract ventures, 1confirmation and kindled ventures. #DeFiwithChainNews#