International Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevada

International Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevada

The innovation of Bancor protocol compared with the traditional transaction mode is that it can convert the token directly and quickly without matching the buyers and sellers. Not every buyer needs a seller, and vice versa, to complete the conversion of low liquidity currencies. One of the key elements that Bancor trading platform can implement is automatic pricing, which is set by Bancor formula. They call this strategy "constant reserve ratio", and Bancor protocol can provide liquidity and asynchronous price implementation for existing tokens. It can realize token conversion according to the "calculated price", thus providing continuous liquidity for small-scale currencies and forming a long tail. The whole process of price calculation and transaction is performed by smart contracts. Bancor token acts as the hub token connecting all the tokens in the network, making it easy for them to switch to each other. According to the experience of, Bancor can directly log in and trade with metamask, or sign up for a new account. The platform can realize the direct conversion of any two erc-20 tokens, but Bancor can not register orders, that is, users can only buy and sell at the market price. Of course, the transaction speed is very fast, and the time consuming is the time of eth network confirmation. In short, Bancor trading platform is a practitioner of the long tail theory, whose starting point is to solve the liquidity problem of small and medium-sized currencies. Bancor solves this problem through a set of solutions completely different from the traditional exchange, which is very eye-catching and is indeed the rigid demand of the market. Bancor bancorbntbancor looked at more networks and ranked first with us $153 International Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevadamillion (token sale, June 2017), followed by Ethereum smart contract platform maker maker maker Dao, the smart contract system on Ethereum, which provides the first stable currency Dai (ether dollar) and derivative financial products. Dai is issued by full mortgage of the assets on the chain, and is anchored at 1:1 with the US dollar. Individuals and businesses can obtain hedging assets and liquidity without central risk by exchanging Dai or mortgage Dai. Maker platform has been applied in mortgage, margin trading, international transfer, supply chain finance and so on.

It is designed to help build customizable blockchains or digitize any asset using a collection of tools. Avalababsava avalanchevax view more and open source payment network celocelo's fast, secure and stable digital payment platform, which can pay for any mobile phone number, and the cost is far lower than the current level. Your phone number is your bank account, and you can earn cryptocurrency on your smartphone and send payments to anyone anywhere. CELO is pronounced / ˈ tselo /, which means "purpose" in Esperanto. In a similar spirit, the goal is to create new platforms that connect people around the world and create the conditions for those who need financial stability most. CELO believes that blockchain technology is one of the most exciting innovations in recent years; to solve the real problems in the world, such as the lack of sound currency, creating opportunities in the real world, such as creating infrastructure, alleviating poverty through micro cash transfers Celocellocelocello see more.

Transaction protocol x announced the launch of a solution called "coordinator coordinator", the first financial (defi) liquidity solution to match the optimal price. The coordinator combines the best features of order matching and open order relay model. Market makers can perform free immediate order cancellations, and users / developers can support independent Ethereum applications with contract fillable liquidity (CFL). At present, the first coordinator prototype has been deployed on bamboorelay to implement a proof of concept product, allowing the best prices of Dai and wbtc to be found in all exchanges. As a service, the coordinator executes transaction rules for a specific flow pool of 0x, which can be operated as an independent service or bundled with a repeater. In the future, the scheme will also support more functions, including the ability to prevent transaction conflicts and advance trading, as well as the realization of a network where coordinators can reach consensus on the order of transactions. #DeFiwithChainNews#

Peckshield, a blockchain security company, announced that it has officially completed the security audit service for the DFI project yam Finance (yam) 2.0 smart contract. Yam2.0 will migrate the yam1.0 contract system. Meanwhile, the coin users can map 1:1 to make necessary preparations for the online mining products. Prior to this, yam1.0 project service was stranded due to a single line of code vulnerability, resulting in the permanent lock-in of 750000 ycrv tokens in the governance contract, and the secondary market price of its project token yam dropped by more than 99% in a few minutes. Lianwen previously reported that in mid August, yamfinance announced plans to launch a token migration program in the next few weeks. After a successful migration, the plan rewards some token holders, but this needs to be approved by a vote.

Kira, an agreement aimed at facilitating the development of defi through liquidity pledge, will work with defi consensus layer Cooperation, the introduction of liquid pledge assets for the latter social transaction layer. The development team behind kiranetwork, kiracore kiracore, a Prague based blockchain and defi product development company, is building solutions that use tendermint and cosmos SDK to protect and power defi applications through liquidstaking. They are developing mbposconsonsus, which allows investors to pledge encrypted assets for interest while maintaining asset liquidity. Kirakira kirakex view more about the establishment of multi asset pledge binding proof consensus. Under the guarantee of locally supported collateral derivatives, any digital asset such as cryptocurrency, stable currency, digital legal currency and even non homogeneous token (NFT) can be pledged in a way of de trust, while maintaining asset liquidity and market access of all risk assets. By working with Kira network, Users can access not only Ethereum trading space, but also all cross chain spaces, including POS (proof of interest) networks such as tezos and Cardano, and cross chain ecosystems such as cosmos and Polkadot. Kira is creating a solution designed to allow trust free and scalable market access.

Umaumaumauma is a protocol that provides trust free financial contracts and Oracle machines. Third party liquidity providers and exchanges can provide innovative financial products to global users by using UMA protocol. UMA consists of automatic financial contract specification and Oracle, which is used to evaluate and guarantee the honesty and credibility of these contracts. Originated from the concept of traditional financial derivatives, UMA is used to create and validate financial contracts without trust, allowing anyone anywhere to design and build universally available financial products. UMA allows risk transfer without centralized authorization or single point of failure. UMA aims to support financial innovation provided by the public chain. It defines an open source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts. However, unlike traditional derivatives, UMA contracts are only guaranteed by economic incentives, which makes them self executing and generally accessible. UMA's risklabs received $4 million in seed round investment International Precious Metals Corporation Marcos Phillips McDouger, Nevadain 2018. Led by the placeholder,

Governance proposal 024 initiated by members of the compound community of the defi loan agreement has been adopted. The proposal proposes to increase the mortgage coefficient of wbtc from 40% to 60%, which will be implemented in two days.