Texas Precious Metals Review

Texas Precious Metals Review

Ethereum based synthetix will be upgraded for the project agreement on February 20. The upgrade code is achernar. The system will be offline for several decimals and deploy the upgrade content. During this period, users will not be able to interact with the syTexas Precious Metals Reviewstem and transfer money to SNx. The upgrade contents include sip-31 (automatic reward of Seth pool), sip-33 (removal of XDR), sip-35 (downsizing of eth mortgage), sip-37 (fee recovery and return), sip-33 (removal of XDR), sip-35 (reduction of eth mortgage), sip-37 (fee recovery and refund), sip-37 (automatic reward of eth pool), sip-33 (removal of XDR), sip-35 (reduction of eth mortgage), sip-37 ( Synthetix.ExchangeV2 (new version of synthetix exchange), sccp-11 (reduced transaction fees by 0.3%).

It involves Ethereum security, exchange security and fraud, including virtual currency asset security and user data security. There were three typical security incidents in defi: the second flowering attack of BZX lightning loan, resulting in a loss of US $140000; the liquidation of makerdaodefi project with eth as collateral asset, 1462 auctions were completed with 0 Dai, resulting in a total loss of 7.8 million US dollars on the platform; a contract loophole was disclosed in the synthetix project of defi project. Two typical security incidents occurred in exchanges: hackers Tian Yinyin and Li Jiadong laundered more than 100 million US dollars in several exchanges; and a new type of usdt counterfeit recharge attack occurred in Omni chain. In terms of fraud and encryption scam, there were four typical incidents: some criminals carried out encryption scam related to new coronavirus; BTC had false two-dimensional code fraud; sprite exchange launched air currency PEth and opened to zero, with the involved amount of about 400000 yuan; the blockchain capital market "Silicon Valley block chicken" was suspected to be on the road of collapse. In other aspects, four security incidents occurred: the crypto investment fund Trident was hacked; the data of 523 million microblog users was leaked; the incident involving virtual currency payment in room n occurred in South Korea; and the "one click coin" platform of Ethereum obtained illegal profits by implanting backdoors into the developed token contracts. On the whole, the security incidents of the blockchain in March have expanded. Among them, the problems of dark network funds, encryption fraud and money laundering are the primary key problems that all exchanges are facing in the process of compliance. How to continuously monitor and evaluate the risks of on chain transactions to support VASP, regulatory authorities, law enforcement departments to carry out risk management, compliance supervision, investigation and evidence collection and other businesses is a key issue In the future, Chengdu Lianan will launch an upgraded version of the virtual assets anti money laundering compliance and investigation and evidence collection system beosin AML to help the ecological application of blockchain establish a complete protection system.

Chefnomi, the anonymous founder of sushiswap, announced on twitter that it would return the community, after getting $14 million worth of Ethereum by selling its unlocked sushi token, and letting community governance determine its due reward. He also tweeted that he would continue to participate in project governance and development.

The governance token arch of Ethereum miner extractable value (MeV) arbitrage product developed by anonymous team has been launched into uniswap. The initial liquidity provided by the project side is 370 Eth and 1 million arch. The official said that this part of liquidity will be locked in for at least 6 months. The total number of arch tokens is 100 million, and the total market value of the project exceeds 20 million US dollars in terms of initial liquidity. Chain news note: Archer increases the income source for miners by using the on chain incentive mechanism, including adding value to the mined block through zero risk or low risk methods such as DEX arbitrage and loan liquidation. Archer said that it helped to improve the user experience of Ethereum, including reducing the mortgage rate, making the spot price of each DEX consistent, more reliable incentive mechanism, reducing the frequency of unfriendly "preemptive transactions" and submitting transactions through private channels.

Coin security will be launched at 17:00 on July 23, the perpetual contract of AAVE token lendusdt will be launched, and the function of 1-50 times leverage will be opened.

According to debank data, after sushiswap completed the migration today, the lock up volume has continued to rise, and the current lock up amount has reached 1.3 billion US dollars, sTexas Precious Metals Reviewurpassing maker and rising to the second place in the list of lock positions of defi project. Currently, it ranks the first in terms of lock up volume of $1.5 billion.