Precious metals stock market

Precious metals stock market

Dai Chongye further stated that on the second day of the Lunar New Year, a couple in Huadi shop brought a couple to buy gold jewelry for 120,000 yuan; yesterday, a man in the head office bouPrecious metals stock marketght 6 gold bars of 100 grams of Dongbai Investment. He said that he missed the low price a month ago. It feels a pity. He originally planned to buy 2000 grams, but now it is batched. By the seventh day of the lunar day, investment gold suddenly became popular, and one hundred and two hundred grams of gold bars sold well.

In addition, the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will start a two-day monetary policy meeting today, which will become a major new guideline for the precious metals market in the short term. After a series of positive data came out earlier this month, the market will focus on whether the Fed will react to it, suggesting that the US economy may not need as much monetary stimulus.

Judging from the recent trend of gold, gold still has short-term pressure. Because in the case where inflation is not obvious, the financial market turbulence caused by the European debt crisis in the short term has made the gold price trend more and more closely related to the US dollar. In the short term, investors prefer the U.S. dollar for hedging. Therefore, gold is expected to continue to be under pressure because of the strength of the U.S. dollar.

David Bruno said that similar to the 2008 financial crisis, once the US government defaults on debt or loses its 3A sovereign rating, it will cause a chain reaction, and fund managers are completely powerless to avoid risks by adjusting the asset structure. .

However, most analysts believe that gold prices will not rise like last year. The news from the South Africa International Mining Conference held at the beginning of this month indicated that the upward momentum of gold prices has slowed down and is likely to reach the apex of this round. This is mainly because the US economy is sluggish, unemployment is increasing, and the real estate market is declining. Investors may turn to other precious metals or commodities. However, since the factors driving the price of gold have not changed fundamentally, the price of gold may be hovering at a high level in the future.

RichcommGlobalServices senior analyst PradeepUnni said: The Fed may launch a package of economic stimulus plans in the next few weeks, risk appetite has impPrecious metals stock marketroved, and safe-haven assets have been sold. After failing to test the key resistance level of $1,838 per ounce, the price of gold has fallen all the way down, and may fall below $1750 in the next few trading days.

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