Precious metal recycling service

Precious metal recycling service

It is expected that this trend will continue in the next few years, and Asian countries along the “Belt and Road” such as India and Thailand will be important demanders of the global gold market. Xu Luode said tPrecious metal recycling servicehat the central banks and gold production and use companies of countries along the route, including Thailand and Myanmar, have also expressed their willingness to use the gold international board for re-export.

Geopolitics. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire starting at 8:00 local time. Ukraine said that the number of Russian soldiers assembled on the Ukrainian border rose to 33,000, and 160 tanks were assembled. The Lebanese army agreed to a ceasefire with the radicals. The heads of state of Armenia and Azerbaijan may meet this week. The worst armed conflict between the two countries since the ceasefire in 1994 resulted in at least 18 deaths.

When QE1 and QE2 were launched, they played a certain role in saving the US economy. But after QE1 lasted for a year and a half, the US economy began to deteriorate, while QE2 lasted for about half a year before the US economic indicators began to decline. Judging from these circumstances, the introduction of QE3 under the current circumstances does not have as good a stimulus effect on US economic entities as QE1 or QE2. Now the US monetary policy will remain loose. As for whether it is called QE3, we can observe whether the Fed meeting on September 20 will appear as QE3. Whether it is called QE3 or not, the policy that tends to be loose should remain unchanged.

From September 2010 to the end of April 2011, the price of silver rose from US$18 to US$49, a greater increase than gold. Some people say that the price of silver has risen too fast and too high before. Others say that the price of silver is normal and there is still room to rise, but gold has risen too slowly.

Ash also said: The election of Trump and the previous British referendum to leave the European Union are expected to usher in drastic changes in the political ecology of Europe. European customers who increase their holdings of precious metals are mostly concentrated in Central Europe, and their political stances are generally conservative, and they are likely to be Trump supporters.

Last SundayPrecious metal recycling service, the EU’s first summit failed to make substantial progress. Originally, the second meeting of finance ministers would continue this Wednesday and the cancellation of the second meeting of finance ministers on Tuesday was announced, which intensified market anxiety. In the gold trading market, the behavior of short-term buying expectations for the EU summit has pushed the international spot gold price to break through the range and climb to above 1,700 US dollars per ounce. It is necessary to guard against the actual short-term risk of selling.