AAA precious metals

AAA precious metals

On the afternoon of December 27th, a person in charge of Xingui Company surnamed Zheng never answered the phone, but a person in its customer service department clearly told reporters that Tiangui’s reply to XinguiAAA precious metals was that the transaction system failure that occurred on the 14th was force majeure. According to the exemption clause in the agreement signed by the investor and the company, the investor shall bear all his losses during this period.

On the 14th, due to the sharp drop in the euro, increased market concerns and the impact of the fund’s profit-taking operations at the end of the year, the price of gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange plummeted 4.6% to close at US$1586 per ounce, the first time in two months Fell below the $1600 mark.

1. According to data released by the US Department of Commerce (DOC) on Thursday, the United States exported US$178 billion in July, an increase of US$6.2 billion from June; imports of US$222.8 billion in July, a decrease of US$50 million from June; finally, trade in July The deficit recorded US$44.8 billion, which was lower than the US$51 billion expected by economists and a decrease of US$6.8 billion from June.

This week, the international spot gold price opened at US$1743.7, the highest test was US$1836.8, and the lowest was US$1,728. As of Friday’s noon, it closed at US$1833.1, a sharp increase of US$86.65 from the previous trading week, an increase of 4.96%. The long-yang line that has rebounded for five consecutive years and hit a new record high; the performance of silver continues to be inferior to that of gold and has not broken the previous week’s high. As of Friday’s midday, it has risen by US$1.55, or 3.97%, and the weekly K line has shown a recent rebound. The high and strong oscillating Zhongyang line; as of Friday afternoon, the US dollar fell slightly by 27 points, or 0.36%, and the weekly K line showed a small Yinxian that first declined and then rose. Despite the negative effects, the next action is insufficient; as of Friday midday, NYMEX International Crude oil prices fell by US$4.4 to US$80.9, a decrease of 5.16%. The weekly K-line, which continued to fall after the pause last week, fell by nearly 30% from the highest price in May. Commodity metals operate similarly to global stock markets and oil prices, and fell sharply across the board on Thursday. Overall, this week gold once again demonstrated a unique show.

Shi Liang, a mainland futures analyst, believes that the current real support for high gold prices is the increasingly serious problems of the global credit currency system, and the situation of serious currency over-issues is difficult to improve. According to this judgment, the dollar-denominated gold will still Going upwards, but in the process, the resistance from the US dollar and the pressure on profit-taking orders are inevitable, and it will rise and fall, and large fluctuations will become the norm.

On the last trading day (29th), precious metals rose and fell due to the mixed US economic data. Although the market's expectations for further quantitative easing in the Eurozone declined during the session, which pushed the euro upward slightly, it still did not help precious metals such as gold to close with a positive line. As of the end of the market on Friday, London Gold reported $1287.01, down $2.24, or 0.17%; spot silver fell 3 AAA precious metalscents to close at $19.45, or 0.15%.