kitco precious metal prices

kitco precious metal prices

The price of gold continued to rise during the New York session on Thursday (April 26). Prior to this, the US announced poor initial unemployment benefits, and the Federal Reserve (FED) pledgedkitco precious metal prices to maintain interest rates close to zero until the end of 2014, which put pressure on the US dollar , Some investors fled.

Except for a rebound on Monday, silver has gradually shifted its center of gravity and is in a bear pattern; the dead fork above the zero axis of the MACD indicator diverges downwards, and the green energy column has increased significantly. Zhengjin Precious Metals believes that silver is being suppressed by the downward moving average system, and many technical indicators are in a short position. Investors should maintain a short operation mindset.

The "Report" shows that when the global economic and financial situation is still uncertain, gold, as a monetary asset, global currency, and a means of risk differentiation, has become an asset class sought after by domestic investors. It has become the world's second largest gold consumer market after India.

The same pure gold necklace sold for 2,350 yuan before the Spring Festival, but now it has sold for 2,850 yuan, an increase of 500 yuan, which is really not worthwhile. On the 24th, Citizen Miss Zhou complained in the Hengdeli Jewelry Store on Shengli Road Pedestrian Street in Nanchang City. It turned out that she thought that the price of gold was higher during the Spring Festival and would definitely fall after the Spring Festival, but she did not expect that the price of gold would increase after the festival. In the last one or two weeks, the single-day sales of most merchants have shrunk to varying degrees.

Cao Zhongzhong: If Greece really leaves the euro zone, the entire EU will face collapse. During the 2008 financial crisis, the government came forward to clean up the mess. Now that there are problems in the core European countries, no one will come forward. This is the most worrying issue in the market. On the whole, the Eurozone can only take a step-by-step approach to the whole situation. It is expected that the EU will continue to assist Greece. As for the effect, it remains to be seen. But there is still not a vicious event like the disintegration of the euro zone.

The move of some countries to increase gold holdings has also triggekitco precious metal pricesred domestic calls for my country's central bank to increase gold holdings. Regarding this, Jiang Shu said that the current ratio of my country's central bank's gold reserves to foreign exchange reserves is indeed relatively low, but it is unlikely to change this situation quickly. On the one hand, the current gold price is at a high level, and it is unrealistic for foreign exchange reserves to buy gold on a large scale, and it will push up the market price; on the other hand, the global gold market has limited capacity and liquidity, and the purchase and sale of gold reserves have great limitations. If the proportion of gold reserves is unrealistically expanded, it will not be conducive to achieving the management goals of the safety, liquidity and profitability of foreign exchange reserves. Feng Liang also said that the proportion of gold reserves has a lot to do with a country's economic model and development stage, and it is not possible to copy other countries' models across the board. A more practical way is to store gold in the people, continue to innovate gold investment varieties, guide ordinary people into the field of gold investment, and gradually increase private gold reserves.