Precious metals business analyst

Precious metals business analyst

Mainly due to the central bank's announcement to lower the deposit reserve ratio, internationPrecious metals business analystal gold prices jumped at the opening on Monday (February 20). The central bank announced on Saturday night that it would lower the deposit reserve ratio of deposit-taking financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points from February 24, following the pace of the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England and the Bank of India to ease monetary policy this year.

Some institutions recommend that investors buy a small amount of gold or silver. EdwardMeir, a commodity adviser to FCStone, a US commodity futures brokerage firm, pointed out on Thursday that the sharp drop in gold on Wednesday was too exaggerated, but he suggested to wait one or two trading days before buying, because it is currently necessary to wait and see if there is any further The selling pressure appeared.

The report shows that in terms of gold demand, the proportion of gold demand for jewelry in 2009 was 52%, a decrease of 6 percentage points from 2008; the proportion of industrial gold demand was 11%, the same as in 2008; the proportion of confirmed investment demand was 38%, an increase of 7 percentage points from 2008.

But soon the gold market suddenly changed. Affected by the panic caused by the Japanese nuclear power plant accident in the global capital market, the price of gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell below the $1,400 mark on the 15th, marking the biggest one-day drop in 10 weeks. The price of gold still fluctuates around the thousand-four mark.

Regarding the characteristics of the gold market in the first half of the year, a senior industry insider pointed out that gold itself and gold stocks diverged in the first half of the year, which has never happened in the past few years. This has caused speculation by market analysts. Some people believe that gold itself has risen too fast, and the future growth will not be sustainable, and gold stocks have more room to rise.

Geithner did say that the United States will implement new global regulations and standards, which are equal among countries. He suggested that the Financial Stability Forum will be some of these reform efforts to maintain standards. Geithner said that the United States will develop competition in a good direction, not in a bad direction. However, his guarantee will definitely be tested in the coming months. For many years, the Bank of Washington and other financial companies have succeeded in loosening American regulations through arguments. If the regulations are not lenient, profitablePrecious metals business analyst businesses will disappear overseas. Some countries have benefited from looser standards, and Delaware has also benefited from its relatively loose corporate regulations.

Deng Wenyi analyzed that the negative correlation between the gold price and the U.S. dollar index in April was as high as 85.34%, which was significantly higher than that in March. This fully shows that the mutual influence between the U.S. dollar index and the price of gold continued to strengthen in April. The decline in the U.S. dollar index is the price of gold in April. The most important factor in the rise.

Barclays Capital said on Thursday that after failing to hold the gains earlier this week, spot gold and silver prices may fall further and are expected to fall to US$1,532/ounce and US$26.08/ounce, respectively. And said that we believe that the prices of gold and silver will slowly fall to Friday's intraday lows (September 23). However, it is pointed out that gold is still bullish in the medium and long term, but the short-term trend is unclear due to the setback of investor confidence.

In the first half of 2011, international gold prices soared all the way, but after May Day that year, they took a sharp turn and locked many investors. Subsequently, the price of gold took a turn for the better. In July, in the context of the worsening European debt crisis, international spot gold hit a record high of $1,628.39 per ounce. In just one month, the cumulative increase in gold prices has reached nearly 10%. In August, the price of gold futures hit a record high of $1923.7 per ounce.