Precious Metals Company Symposium

Precious Metals Company Symposium

ACALA, Boca's defi platforPrecious Metals Company Symposiumm, has realized token transfer transactions between parallel chain and relay chain. As previously reported by Lianwen, last week, ACALA began to support access to the relay chain in the form of parallel chain, successfully sending cross chain messages between the relay chain and the parallel chain.

Provable things, a London based certification as a service company, announced the launch of PBTC on the EOS blockchain, allowing bitcoin holders to use BTC throughout the EOS ecosystem, including all dapps. The user can only use the bt1:1 token to synthesize with the btfi token. Previously, proviblethings has deployed ptokens to the Ethereum main network, and will integrate with bitcoin through Bancor and kybernetwork to achieve interoperability with bitcoin. Users holding bitcoin can issue PBTC token based on erc777 standard and apply the token to Ethereum based difi applications. According to coindesk, tether and bitfinex's ctopaolo ardoino said that tether would start supporting PBTC in the near future.

3988850 farms. According to previous reports, harvestfinance has disclosed the compensation scheme after the hacker attack. Users will allocate the deposit proportion to IOU (IOU) token grain. In addition, the attacker also returned about $2.5 million, which will be distributed to users in proportion. For example, if a user loses 100usdc in the attack, he will be allocated about 7.39usdc and 92.6grain.

The transaction protocol 0xprotocol announced the launch of "0xlabs" and the native encryption trading platform "periscope trading". Among them, 0xlabs will focus on expanding the market and optimizing the trading experience to promote the development of the ecosystem. Periscopetrading is a native cryptocurrency trading platform, which will be operated independently by a group of loyal super users led by Ron Bernstein, the founder and CEO, and will bring liquidity to DFI and other emerging P2P markets.

The four banks will input the USD / won exchange rate data into the chainlink node in real time, allowing the defi service provider to access the exchange rate data when creating smart contracts on the blockchain platform. All four banks have shown positive interest in blockchain technology, but this is the first time that they have made meaningful investments in the field of defi.

RAli capital, an intelligent investment consultant of stable currency, has launched the rariv2 protocol, which can participate in liquidity mining, and launched the governance token RGT. In addition, rari capital has previously lifted deposit limits. According to the previous rule, rari capital will allocate 87.50% of the tokens to users stored in the fund pool within 60 daysPrecious Metals Company Symposium, and the remaining 12.5% of the tokens will be reserved for use by the team (linear release). The functions of RGT include maintenance governance, delivery governance and the cost discount of rari protocol. Rari will use 70% of all revenue generated by the agreement to destroy the RGT. In June this year, rari capital was officially launched,

Paradigm, a crypto venture capital, announced plans to participate in the upcoming makerdao auction to repay the difference of about 5 million Dai, which will increase paradigm's existing MKR position. Paradigm is an encryption risk fund founded by Fred ehrsam, co-founder of coinbase. It has participated in the projects related to defi such as makerdao and uniswap. Also offering to participate in the makerdao auction is Dharma, who is organizing a team of stakeholders in the defi ecosystem to pay off the debt generated. Previously, Lianwen reported that makerdao, the financial (defi) loan agreement, would conduct a "debt auction" of the governance token MKR,

Kava labs, a cross chain payment technology provider, is developing a cosmos based stable currency USDX. The stable currency principle is similar to makerdao, which generates stable currency linked to us dollar by mortgaging XRP in mortgage bond positions. At present, the kavalabs team is developing a mortgage warehouse in cosmos ecology, and has launched a side chain project with XRP in one direction on GitHub. Kavalabs developed cross chain technology to achieve interoperability between blockchains, wallets, and exchanges, enabling instant cross chain payments. The company completed $1.2 million in financing in March this year, led by lemniscap and digital asset capital management, ripple's xpring, and coil technologies, 2020 ventures, Arrington capital, hardyaka, robotventures and univalues Asso Institutions such as ciates are involved in the investment.

Tom bean, co-founder of BZX, a financial (defi) loan agreement, said BZX has always been highly secure due to the multiple security guarantees of chainlink. BZX believes that the three core capabilities of chainlink are crucial to its success: 1. Chainlink does not suffer from the problem of insufficient Oracle, and its infrastructure security can expand with the value of BZX contract. 2. Because of its ability to access the certified API, chainlink provides access to high-quality data. As a result, they avoid using low-quality data sources, such as those extracted from a single source that cannot provide the actual market price under different market conditions. 3. Chainlink provides high-quality node operators, maintains high-quality control standards around its nodes, and provides transparency for its node operators, which enhances the reliability of Oracle in generating consistent and trusted Oracle reports. For these reasons, and after further consideration of security requirements, BZX will continue to use chainlink as the only Oracle provider. According to previous reports, BZX announced a three-step route to adjust the integrated price predictor. It plans to eventually integrate chainlink, band and uniswapv2 as predictors, and take the average prices of the three as the reference price of BZX.