The best platform for precious metals trading

The best platform for precious metals trading

After the launch of the "interest free currency borrowing" activity by fortibe, the loan to deposit ratio (LTV) has continued to rise, and the utilization rate of funds has steadily increased, thus greatly increasing the deposit interest rate. At present, the annualized current income can reach up to 20% by depositing stable currency in forTube, far exceeding the average level of the market. At the same time, the forTube platform has opened the whole currency borrowing and mining, with an annualized yield of up to 36.5%. ForTube is the defi lending platforThe best platform for precious metals tradingm launched by the force agreement. Based on smart contract and automatic algorithm technology, users can save money to earn interest, and mortgage to borrow money to pay interest.

okex chooses to open full link solutions to high-quality teams, which is undoubtedly an industry gospel. This disruptive innovation is equivalent to providing a high-quality infrastructure for the entrepreneurial team, allowing the team to focus more resources on project and product development. Okexokcoinokb xuxingokt oklinkokt oklinkokt oklinkoktonokokoktankmining pool okokokchain okexchain okexdexokex trading chain okokexchain view more synthetic asset agreement umaumaumaumauma is a protocol that provides trust free financial contracts and prediction machines. Third party liquidity providers and exchanges can provide innovative financial products to global users by using UMA protocol.

Chainlink provides secure and reliable Oracle services for large enterprises such as Google, Oracle and swift, as well as Polkadot and leading smart contract development teams such as substratesynththetix, loopring, AAVE, openlaw and conflux. Chainlink allows anyone to securely provide smart contracts, access to critical external data, offline payments and any other API functionality. Any user with a data feed, offline service (such as local payment), or any other API can directly offer it to a smart contract in exchange for a link token. It was launched in June 2017 by SmartContract, a San Francisco financial technology company. Developers describe it as a security block chain middleware designed to allow smart contracts to access critical chain resources (such as data streams, databases), websites (WeChat, Taobao, etc.), API, and the accounts of traditional banks (Alipay, WeChat payments, etc.). Chainlink network is a distributed network of chainlink nodes, which directly transmits the use of specific data, API and various offline payment functions to smart contracts. With Chainlink, you can call one or more databases in a contract to query the data you need. The chainlink network consists of two independent parts, on chain and out chain, which must interact to provide services. The network is built in such a way that it can be upgraded, so it can replace its different components as better technologies and technologies emerge. The components on the chain of the network filter Oracle based on the measurement of the request of one party of the smart contract through the service level agreement SLA. Using these metrics, chainlink collects responses to SLA queries, sorts them using reputation and aggregation models, and provides the final aggregate results of chainlink queries that may be implemented into smart contracts. Sergey Nazarov, chief executive officer of chainlink, said that when you enter "interest rate" in the chainlink search box, you will see that there are about 50 kinds of data streams to choose from. Copy and paste the required data into your smart contract. After the database developer connects the API with chainlink,

Aggregate trading tool 1 According to the announcement, the data shows that the transaction failure rate on the platform has been greatly reduced since the release of V2 version. On November 6, 1inch announced the launch of V2 version, which added API tool Pathfinder, which is a new discovery and routing algorithm, which can find the best path of token exchange in the shortest time. Sergej Kunz, co-founder and CEO of 1inch, said, "the immediate effect of the 1 inch V2 upgrade is faster. "

Venture capital firm a16z announced it had raised $515 million for the second cryptocurrency fund. The fund focuses on the next generation of payments, more modern value storage, Finance (defi), new liquidity for creators and Web3. A16z said that in a short period of ten years, cryptocurrency has experienced several waves. With each wave, the application of cryptocurrency has expanded to more types, and more far sighted entrepreneurs have entered this field. "We believe that continuing to invest in the long-term development of the Internet is very important to meet the needs of the coming decades. According to previous reports, a16z was reported two weeks ago to raise $450 million for the second cryptocurrency fund. In mid-2018, a16z's first cryptocurrency fund raised $350 million.

Synthetic asset platform synthetix will begin to deploy acrux upgrade around midnight UTC. At that time, the system will be suspended for two to three hours. During this period, users will not be able to interact with the system, including using mintr or Synthetix.Exchange And sending SNx or synths. Previously, Lianwen reported The best platform for precious metals tradingthat synthetix, a synthetic asset platform, will deploy acrux upgrade on June 30 and make some protocol improvements. The upgraded version will include binary options (sip-53) and obsolete rate update (sip-48).

Affected by the volatility of the market, debank data showed that the clearing volume of the defi mortgage market exceeded US $94 million within 24 hours. Among them, the liquidation volume of compound has exceeded 90 million US dollars, reaching 90.404 million US dollars; the liquidation of AAVE platform is nearly 2.8 million US dollars, reaching 2.783 million US dollars; and the liquidation of maker platform is more than 800 thousand US dollars, reaching 811000 US dollars.

Because joining consensys can increase the scale effect, reduce the cost and serve the community better. The founders and engineers will continue to develop the airswap network to improve marketing and community management, fluidity said. Airswap was previously created by a joint venture between fluidity and consensys, which is a trading system and belongs to the financial (defi) application. During the construction of airswap platform, fluidity is responsible for protocol design, network startup and token, providing a standard OTC product suite for the industry. In addition, fluidity has also launched a standard model of token asset portfolio (TAP), which collates real-world assets in credit instruments as collateral (including makerdao's Dai multi pledge system), aiming to connect traditional finance and Finance (defi) ecology.

Dharma, a cryptocurrency lending company, announced that the new version was officially launched. At present, the asset scale of the platform has reached US $1.5 million. Dharma provides a simple and easy-to-use experience for encrypted users. There is no seed phrase, no transaction fee and no browser extension. Just send Dai or US dollars to Dharma account, and you can immediately start to earn up to 7.4% annual interest. Anyone can convert their domestic currency (peso, ruble, RMB, etc.) into US dollars that can bear interest on dharma and support withdrawal at any time.