International Precious Metals Searsby TX

International Precious Metals Searsby TX

In terms of geopolitics, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has recently eased, and the conflict between Palestine and Israel has not shown an escalation. The genocide of ISIS in Iraq is continuing. In the past two days, ISIS has published two consecutive beheading videos, including American journalist James Foley and Japanese photographer Haruna Yukawa. Prior to this, ISIS had repeatedly published videos of beheadings aInternational Precious Metals Searsby TXnd collective burial alive on the website, with cruel scenes. The United States has so far dispatched its air force to carry out two rounds of air strikes on Iraq, but it has not effectively deterred ISIS.

When trading resumes on June 7, if the above contract does not have a price limit, the Au (T+D) contract will resume the 10% margin ratio and the Ag (T+D) contract will resume 15% before the day-end liquidation. From the next day onwards, the price limit ratio will be adjusted to 7% and 10%.

A further increase in the price of gold requires a substantial correction in the US stock market. Sun Yonggang said that at present, major US investment banks have lowered their economic growth expectations for the second quarter of the United States, and it is now the second quarter of the US financial reporting season, and the lack of social consumption has begun to appear. It is expected that the probability of correction in US stocks in the later period is relatively high. On this basis, the market will realize that the US economy is not as clear as the stock market, and gold will rebound further.

Comex-April gold futures closed up 12.80 US dollars, or 0.73%, to 1,771.30 US dollars / ounce. Comex gold futures hit a record high of US$1,923.70 per ounce on September 6, 2011. Gold futures rose by US$145.40 for the whole year of 2011, an increase of 10.23%.

However, Zhang Minjie, a well-known hedge fund manager, said that compared with the plunge of other commodities and the stock market last Wednesday and Thursday, precious metals began to compensate for the decline last Friday. The sharp drop in gold indicates that the impact of the reverse operation on the market may be over. Today (September 27) International bulk commodities may usher in a wave of rebound.

WilmingtonBroadMarketBondFund co-manager WilmerStith said: This week, we are completely on the sidelines. In particular, the market expects the Fed to provide clearer guidance on when to slow down or even stop the US$85 billion monthly bond purchase program. Many Fed officials, including Federal Reserve Chairman Ben International Precious Metals Searsby TXBernanke, recently hinted that they will begin to reduce the scale of bond purchases, which has driven yields to soar since May.

There is no doubt that the price of gold has once again fueled people's interest in gold investment. Can this surging gold speculation by the whole people bring high returns to investors? For physical gold, gold margin trading, and gold financial products, what should investors pay attention to when choosing different investment products?