Spot precious metals trading

Spot precious metals trading

On that day, the price of silver futures for delivery in March 2013 fell by 50.4 cents to close at $2Spot precious metals trading9.849 per ounce, a decrease of 1.66%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in April 2013 fell by US$33.2 to close at US$1677.7 per ounce, a decrease of 1.94%.

Xinhuanet, Chicago, March 26 (Reporter Zhu Zhu) Due to the pessimistic remarks made by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board Bernanke on the economy, the market's expectations for a new round of quantitative easing plan heated up again, thus supporting international gold futures prices on the 26th It rebounded sharply and closed at a new high in the past two weeks.

The silver futures price for delivery in May closed at 30.531 US dollars per ounce, down 1.12 US dollars, or 3.56%. The platinum futures price for delivery in July closed at US$1556.3 per ounce, down US$27.9, or 1.76%.

4. Data from the data provider Markit shows that the initial value of the Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in the Eurozone in June dropped to 52.0, the lowest since December 2009, estimated at 53.8, and 54.6 in May. The initial value of the service industry PMI was 54.2, the lowest since December, estimated to be 55.5, and 56.0 in May.

Victor Thianpiriya, an analyst at ANZ in Singapore, said that central banks have always been long-term holders of gold, and this year's gold price has fallen sharply, which is an excellent buying opportunity for long-term buyers. But on the other hand, the recent increase in the amount of central bank holdings of gold reserves is not large, which may be due to the current lack of investment sentiment in the gold market.

The 7-day long holiday just past becameSpot precious metals trading a veritable Golden Week. The international gold price hit a record high of US$1365.70 per ounce on the 7th. The major gold stores in Beijing that have been holding back yesterday announced an increase in the price of gold. Thousands of gold rose by 10 yuan per gram, and the price reached 326 yuan per gram.

After the New Year's Day, the price of gold began to show an upward trend. The reporter visited several gold shops in the region and found that near the Spring Festival, the price of gold in gold shops in our district increased by 30 yuan per gram compared with the price of gold on New Year's Day, although the sales of gold jewelry continued to increase. However, compared with last year, the enthusiasm for investing in gold bullion has dropped significantly.

If the U.S. reached an agreement to increase the issuance ceiling of Treasury bonds on August 2 resulting in a profitable closing and causing the price of gold to fall rapidly, they would not suffer a lot of losses and even lock in short-selling proceeds. Zhang Gang analyzed that although the US government and Congress did not reach an agreement on July 22, most hedge funds did not believe that US Treasury bonds would default. The current U.S. benchmark 10-year Treasury bond yield is still around 4.32%, indicating that U.S. hedge funds holding a large number of U.S. Treasury bonds have not dumped Treasury bonds early due to the increased probability of default.

Of course, the supporters of gold may be right, and the price of gold may continue to rise, and the driving force behind it is the debt crisis in Europe, the huge deficit in the United States and the inflation panic. When gold hit a new high on May 12, Jim Rogers (JimRogers) said in an interview with Bloomberg Television: Because the world's paper money is depreciating, the only thing we can do is to invest money into real assets.